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John Fletcher
Dear Funds for your life, I would like to thank "Funds for your life" for providing us with the opportunity to raise funds at a difficult time for our family, friends, and relatives. "Funds for your Life" provided us with an inexpensive, easy, and quick way to do this. It was an amazingly simple process to set up the fund quickly, and connect it to other Social Networks as well. I would highly recommend this site to anyone that has this need. We set up a fundraiser under their "Memorials" category, however there are many other categories that are interesting, useful, and certainly provide an opportunity for all individuals or groups to contribute, or raise funds for many worthy causes. I thank you again, and will certainly recommend you to any group or individual who has this need! " is simply a great idea ! Best Regards, John Fletcher
Ayah Alsallaq
Thank you for allowing us to raise the money we need so Ayah can go to the national American Miss Pageant.

Our online crowdsource fundraising is easy, secure, and fun with Funds For Your Life.

We are the only site that allows you to recieve 100% of the donations. The donars are paying for the fees, not you, the person that needs it most.

We created this site to help everyone with everyday funds that we all need. Please let your friends and family know about us and how they can get money by fundraising online for anything they need.

Sign Up Now to setup your online donation website and use our built in tools to have friends & family help.

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I dedicate this site to my beautiful wife Christy for never letting me give up on my ideas, my son for giving me inspiration everyday, my family for making me laugh and love, and for God in everything he does in our lives.